Attention: People Whose Job it is to Sell Products and Services. That’s you, right?


You can. And it’s all about your copy. Changing just one word can make a difference between OK sales and WOW sales. Changing a whole bunch of words can change your business entirely: From WOW to TREMENDOUS-I-CAN’T-FREAKING-BELIEVE-IT. The trick—and it’s not really a trick—is to find and use the right words, in the right way.

If you’ve spent your valuable time writing ads, emails, brochures, website pages, newsletters and the like, if you’ve struggled with poor results or suspect these critical tools for your business’s success could be better and perform better, if you’re planning on launching something new—a website, a product, a division, an exciting innovative service and aren’t sure how to make the case for it, then you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve got a solution that will immediately begin to change the game…

I’m offering one-hour, risk-free consultations that will tackle your real world copy problems and give you the insight you need to understand and embrace the possibilities of outstanding, powerful, and effective copy.

The thing is, and you know it or you wouldn’t be here, copy is critical, it’s hard, and the costs of not dealing with it can be devastating.

If you let your copy do nothing, or nothing particularly good, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table, failing your team (and your investors), and probably even disappointing your mother.

What many people do when faced with a copy problem is try to fix it themselves. They write and rewrite until they have something that looks good to them, that sounds right, that makes them excited again about their product or their service, or they try redesigning something, making it more attractive, or they create a Special-One-Time-Offer-You-Won’t-Want-To-Miss and then stick it at the end. And you know, that really doesn’t do it (except sometimes, and then it’s just luck), because:

  • It’s not about them; it’s about their customers
  • It’s not about how pretty something is; it’s about what their customers understand
  • It’s not about how good the deal is; it’s about whether or not the deal matters
  • It’s not about just spending more time; it’s about spending time on the right things

Or they choose to do nothing. And that ends well for nobody. Except their competitors—they’re totally fine with it.

How I Can Change All This, And Get You a Measurable Return on Words

See, here’s the thing. I spent 20+ years as one of those serial entrepreneurs. I built companies, built divisions of companies, worked as a consultant to governments and Fortune 500 companies, and along the way took all the writing and thinking skills I’d picked up getting three graduate degrees in the humanities and social sciences, plus working with companies in a good half-dozen industries, and turned them into a power tool for communicating with real live people who want to buy things. The bottom line is this: I’m a word guy who has been right where you are, and understands that you need to invest your time and resources in things that are critical to your bottom line. And I want to help you see a return on those investments: a return on words.

What Does A Return on Words Look Like?

Tangerine Penguin (Marketing company; email response rate +110%)

Soldiers for Fortune (Online gaming company; business plan from $0 to buyout offer)

Pinyon Labs (Government futures consultancy; website copy response rate +75%) (Artificial intelligence firm; outbound email response rate +60%)

Finally, Here’s How To Make Those Words Pay

When you sign-up for my one-on-one one-hour video consultation, together we’ll take a look at your copywriting challenges (web, email, old-timey brochures, or anything in your sales arsenal that seems to be misfiring), talk about how they might work better, and then do some of that work.

You get a copywriting workshop, risk-free, that will give you immediate benefits. And, here’s the thing: if we choose to carry on working together after that, if you decide that you want a talented, insightful, and hard-nosed professional to help grow your business, then the $100 consultation fee will be credited to whatever comes next.

Oh, and here’s the other thing: Because I’m sure that I can help, and because I know your time is valuable, and I respect it, if you don’t feel you’ve gotten something out of our time together, let me know and I’ll refund your money (this has never, ever happened by the way). That’s right, I’m offering a 100% guarantee that you’ll be in a better place after we talk than you were before.

Includes: 1 hour of transformative conversation + work + change,
face-to-face on FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts, and a measurable
return on words. 

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