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Copywriting is critical.

I know that sounds obvious, and obviously you’re here because you know that as well, but look around. The truth is, there’s not a lot of good copywriting out there, particularly in the world of small and medium sized businesses. And that’s too bad. Because it’s those businesses–your business–where good copywriting can make all the difference.

Good copywriting increases conversions

Good copywriting drives engagement

Good copywriting transforms…well, everything

You still need to have a good product or service, and you still need to give outstanding service to your customers, but without good copywriting, getting customers and providing that service is more a matter of luck than anything else.

I write copy that works. I’ve been doing it for 20+ years for companies ranging from small venture-funded startups to $40 million established powerhouses. I’ve started, run, and sold companies, so I’ve been right where you are. I get it, and I want to work with you to make damn sure you’re successful.

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My name is Peter Shoemaker, and I’m a copywriter focused like a freaking laser on companies and organizations that want something different from their words, something that resonates with their best-fit customers and clients, that reflects the real personality and voice of the organization and its people, and that works.

I started out as an academic, and then the Internet hit. It took me about a minute-and-a-half to realize what I wanted to do was start and grow companies that could take advantage of new communication technologies, a fast-growing customer base, and the wide-open opportunities to change the world. Since then, I’ve continued to get involved in my own (and) others entrepreneurial adventures, worked for a Fortune 500, turned around a digital group at a big media company, consulted with a couple of governments, and built a fine practice writing words and thinking about their impact.

I’ve also come to realize that copywriting is even more important now that everything is optimized for search engines, big data algorithms, and micro-attention spans. None of those things sell or buy. We do. That’s why I say what I do is write copy for humans.

Here’s the sort of stuff I’ve done, and where I can be particularly useful:

websites, newsletters, email campaigns, brochures, sales presentations, case studies, video scripts, annual reports, whitepapers, postcards, podcast scripts, social media posts, sales scripts, blog posts, and speeches

(to name just a few; your imagination rules when thinking about where your words can return the most value)

Special offer

As I said before, I’m offering a one-hour no-holds-barred workshop on
your copy.

We’ll work through something that’s not doing what it should, and fix it.

Simple as that.

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